Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Saint Patrick Day Celebration

Saint Patrick celebration is held on 17th March every year, this year celebration started with parade across the country.

St. Patrick was not Irish but he was Romano-British because part of the Britain controlled by the Romans. St. Patrick captured by the Irish pirates when he was 16 and escaped after six years. 

In Dublin this year St. Patrick day celebration theme is 'Celebrate Now' which describe the achievements of Ireland’s contemporary arts and culture. 

The parade started at Parnell Square at midday and ended Dame Street and Lord Edward Street, before finishing up near St Patrick's Cathedral and was leaded by the Grand Marshal - the comedian Brendan O'Carroll. 

It is expecting that 500000 people took part in the parade and also President Michael D Higgins took part in the parade on O'Connell Street. 

The historians believe in the blue color, the first national color of Ireland. It was blue, the first color that associated with the Patrick.    

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