Thursday, January 15, 2015

Miley Cyrus posted nude pictures while bathing

Miley Cyrus shocked everyone when she posted her nude picture this morning. This picture is one of the series of the Miley nude images which published last February in V Magazine and also taken by her friend Cheyne Thomas, during her Bangerz tour. 

Miley posted the picture while smiling and her one arm holding the towel which was covering her head and beneath her bubble bath beard. The bath bubbles just covered her all feminine parts. 

Many times she posted the nude pictures; one time she was blowing a dandelion or spraying herself with a hose and another was when she was eating an apple or chatting on the phone in black lingerie, her bra pulled down that reveals her nipples and she makes a wired faces. She wears a red wig and sits naked on a messy pile of books. 

Miley does not care about the nude pictures which she posted this is a young woman enjoying being naked in front of a camera, likely being told she looks great (which she does), and playing up to her youthful, irreverent vanity.  

Miley posted nude in the bathtub, bubbles’ barely blurring her vagina, Miley Cyrus is again having fun on her own terms.     

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