Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Bachelor

The wait is over because “The Bachelor” is back with season 19 on Monday night. Now fans will have more to talk about the season premiere which aired on Monday night.  

Host Chris Harrison introduced the lovely 30 women and he warned the eight women will be going home, without a love-token rose, at the end of the first night. Chris started the show premiere by counting the reason of the show success and why the people love the show most. 

The every woman did something new for getting the Chris attraction about them. A cadaver tissue saleswoman brought cooler herself and said her heart inside, another was walked toward Chris singing karaoke.

The 26 year old Tara entered with wearing Daisy Dukes and cowboy boots. A 24-year-old hairstylist Ashley introduced herself by giving a rambling speech about onions. The waitress Britt gave an omega hug to Chris and made a serious eye contact with him.    
Kelsey is an attractive Texan widow while Megan is a make-up artist who Chris dubs “Blondie” because she’s a blonde, and he’s creative. A yoga instructor Kimberley refused to go back home and filled her eyes with tears, she wanted to go inside the home and talk with Chris.  

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