Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Afroman apologized for punching a female fan on stage during concert

Joseph Edgar Foreman best known for his stage name Afroman has apologized for assaulting a female fan that was on stage. Afroman punched a female fan during the show Biloxi, Mississippi on 17 February, Tuesday. 

The female fan was dancing behind the Afroman when he struck her. The woman appeared lay down on the floor and started bleeding while the concert continued. 

The police stopped the show and escorted him immediately with charge of assault who later released with fine $330 bond. 

After the disgusting incident the rapper apologized and confirmed that he did not known the girls still on stage, he thought they were male heckler who continuously berating him throughout the performance. 

Afroman told TMZ in a Skype interview that he would be seeking anger-management rehab.

“I thought the girls had already left the stage, and after hearing this guy for a few songs, I thought it was him,” he said. The singer is best known for his single “Because I Got High”.

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