Thursday, February 5, 2015

Tran Asia airways flight crashed, plugged into Taipei's Keelung River

A Tran Asia airways flight that was carrying 58 passengers and crew members crashed in Taiwan, killing at least 31 passengers and 12 still missing.      

The flight just takes off from the Taipei's Songshan airport when plugged into the Taipei's Keelung River. The TransAsia Airways Flight 235 pilot said "mayday, mayday, and engine flameout" moments before the propjet banked sharply and crashed into a river on Wednesday morning. 

It did not clear the possible causes of the crash but Causes of a flameout could include a lack of fuel or being struck by volcanic ash, a bird or some other object. 

The final moments of the plane captured on the car dashboard camera when the plane sharply turned into the Keelung River and its wings turned to be vertical over the highway bridge. 

The rescue operation started just after the plane plugged into the river and the rescuers are still working to find out the 12 missing people.

"This morning we have some 60 divers going underwater to search" in addition to 20 boats scouring the river, said Liu Yung-chou, an official from the national fire agency.

"I saw a taxi, probably just metres ahead of me, being hit by one wing of the plane. The plane was huge and really close to me. I'm still trembling," one witness told TVBS news channel.    

All people praised the pilot for steering the plane away from the high raising buildings and populated areas to avoid the more damages. "Based on the flight path, the pilot deviated and tried to avoid obstacles," Mr Tsang said.

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