Thursday, February 26, 2015

Artist Ariel Camacho died in car accident at 22

The Mexican singer Ariel Camacho has died in car accident at his native Sinaloa, Mexico on Wednesday February 25. He was 22 years old. 

The cause of death was speeding; it is the second time in 12 months when Ariel involved in a car accident. He was driving with three other people in which one was killed and other two are surviving with injuries. 

The accident happened at around 3 am Wednesday when Ariel was in 1994 Honda car that owned by his friend Ramon Benitez Hernando Valenzuela. The car had cross it limits and crashed off the road and into the cannel of Los Ranchitos. 

The president and founder of the Regional Mexican label said in a statement. "I knew he was going to transform the genre in Mexico and the United States. Millions of people would have become fans and would have gotten to know the man I did." 

Ariel was best known for his hit song “Toro Encartado”. Camacho had just performed at the 2015 Carnival Mocorito concert.     

After the death news of Ariel spread over the social media, his fans are expressing their emotions on Twitter.  

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