Monday, September 22, 2014

University of Alabama: threat of campus violence

A campus violence threat occurred at the University of Alabama against an all female dorm that promoted the lockdown at the dorm and police was investigating the threat on Sunday night.

All students at the University were scared on Monday morning after the gun threat news on social media. A women resident at the Tuscaloosa campus and students who are living at Tutwiler Hall received e-mail copy from unknown person who was saying himself Arthur Pendragon.  

In a statement posted on university official website, the University of Alabama received information about the armed. Police get back students at their rooms at midnight and locked down the dorm though they did not found any weapon or no suspicious person.

The lockdown and the search took 45 minutes for completion. Now the police are continuing the search to find out how this matter started.   

The police lockdown the women’s dorm at the University of Alabama campus was sparked by an alarming comment posted on You Tube, according to chief of UAPD police Tim Summerlin. The official said police will issue a search warrant against website who posted this fake comment.      

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