Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Artist H.R. Giger, died at age 74

You all definitely know the name H.R. Giger, who designed the creature in Ridley Scott's sci-fi horror classic Alien has died at age 74 from injuries suffered in a fall. H.R. Giger known as swiss artist at his house in Zurich, died in a hospital on Monday, administrator of the H.R. Giger museum in Gruyeres, western Switzerland, said to the AP.

He designed the monster and revolutionary sci-fi sets for the horror film "Alien", for different style Giger won an Oscar and also an Academy Award for Best Achievement for Visual Effects. The design for movie Alien was inspired by his painting Necronom IV.

My paintings and my work impress those, who are, well, who are kooky, “If they like my work they are creative ... or they are crazy” Giger said in an interview with Starlog magazine in 1979.

Hans Ruedi Giger was born on February 5, 1940, in the south-eastern Swiss town of Chur. His parents always encouraged him because they know Giger’s passion for art. He studied architecture and industrial design in Zurich.

Giger’s unique work style scrutinized the relationship between the human body and the machine, and he created surrealist images of humans fused with industrial parts, a style he described as "biomechanical".
His sculptures, paintings and furniture are stored in his own museum in a medieval castle in Gruyeres, central Switzerland, which opened in 1998 now run by his second wife Carmen Maria Scheifele Giger.

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