Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Bachelorette paid tribute to Eric Hill

“The Bachelorette” paid tribute to contestant Eric Hill on season premiere on May 19.  Eric Hill passed away in a paragliding accident in Utah. He was at the age of 32 on April 23. Chris Harrison paid a beautiful tribute to Eric Hill on premiere of seasons 10.

Chris Harrison announced on Monday that this season will be dedicated to Eric, who died shortly after finished his shooting of “The Bachelorette”. 

In the very beginning of the premiere Chris Harrison deliver a beautiful tribute: every year hundreds of men and women have come to this show in search of love, they all spend time with us and consider as family member. At this time, we will honour out of these men our friend Eric Hill, who died shortly after concluding his filming on this show. He impressed us with his passion and courageous spirit. Chris said he will be greatly missed in coming weeks and we dedicate this season to him.

Andi Dorfman got “shocked” after hearing the news of Eric’s death. Andi said to the people “It is something you never could have predicted”.  

Andi explains her grief and told he was part of our family and we had seen him. It is a very hard thing but we will go through with this.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of Eric’s friends and family.

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