Saturday, May 17, 2014

Narendra Modi landslide victory over congress

A Hindu nationalist Narendra Modi has won as India's next Prime Minister on Friday. All supporters of Bharatiya Janata Party welcomed Mr.Modi as a real hero in Delhi headquarters after securing a great victory in three decades.

BJP got 275 out of 543 parliament seats. It is majority of seats and now he will be able to make government without any alliance from other parties. It is the first time that 540 million Indian voters elected an emphatic command.

Narendra Modi said, “India has won, Good days are here to come". He promised to revive the Indian economy and will take India forward. 

Narendra Modi caught in controversy many times in 2002, Gujarat state anti-Muslim violence. At that clash more than 1000 people were killed, in which mostly Muslim. The Gujarat state's chief minister, Narendra Modi was criticized many times for the violence, but Supreme Court gave order to absolve him last year after investigation.

Modi modified image of Gujarat state by saying "Gujarat model", now he wants to change image of whole India as like Gujarat.  

India's outgoing Prime Minister Manmohan Singh congratulates Modi on his enormous success on Tweeter page.  

Congress Party President Sonia Gandhi: "I respect the verdict of the people"

President Barack Obama congratulated Modi on his success and invited him to Washington, according to the White House. 

UK Foreign Minister William Hague congratulated Modi and his party, saying Britain looked "forward to forging an even closer partnership with India."

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