Tuesday, May 13, 2014

TMZ posts video solange attacking Jay Z in an elevator


A video footage obtained by TMZ during Met Gala last week at the Standard Hotel in New York City.  Jay Z viciously assaulted by Beyonce's sister Solange.  TMZ posted this video which as stated shows Solange was attacking to Jay Z inside an elevator.  

According to video clip, one woman kicking and swinging her arms at a man, who appears to be Jay. There is another man inside the lift who tried to hold the woman back, but he couldn’t clasp that crazy woman. Then he put the emergency lift button when they arrive at the twelfth floor.

At one point Solange throw a kick and Jay captured her foot but never punished her. Solange clash with her purse and all contents span into the elevator. Beyonce did not give any physical involvement. 

TMZ reported they three are exited the building. Solange got into one vehicle with her sister Beyoncé and Jay z was escorted with security into another vehicle.

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