Monday, May 19, 2014

Saturday night live

Saturday night live was one long exercise host by Andy Samberg. It is the Emmy Award-winning comedy show in its 39th session. The show has based on fun imaginary activities like frying eggs, playing with model trains, fine portraiture.

The show’s finale on Saturday prank on Solange Jay-Z fight in an elevator. Maya Rudolph was playing a role of BeyoncĂ© in the act and newcomer Sasheer Zamata was playing Solange.

Andy Samberg revived the video clip into a poke fun at EDM, leaked earlier by TMZ.    

According to the show, both of them are not fighting at all. Solange tries to get huge spider off in place of Jay Z. During the act she told "Oh my god there's a spider on you". But you know “I hate spiders," Jay said. "Kick it," now Jay said, as Solange tried to kick him.

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