Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Apple introduced eight key features of iOS 8

Apple announced iOS 8 for iPhones, iPads and iPods on Monday. It is the latest version of apple’s mobile operating system, including few additions and adds some new features.

Let have a look at eight key features of iOS; the main features is related to health. Apple user can gather information from different places into one place, now. Users can also available to send health information to doctors with selected hospitals.

On iOS 8 users will be able to use new tricks of Siri. Those who want to plug their phones into car now able to wake Siri by only voice, without having touched their phone. User will also able to ask Siri to identify the song while driving.

The new feature "Do Not Disturb" introduced in messages. You can mute conversation threads in group messages when you are part of it while didn’t leave them entirely. You can make them hush while leaving a thread and drop other participants from a conversation.

IOS provides another feature called home kit. Users can control their garage doors, locks, lights, cameras and thermostats with their phone.   

Apple has updated its notification centre. Now user can reply directly from a notification, even phone screen has locked. You can easily respond things without leaving the app you are currently using.
iOS 8 add a feature of family sharing by user can share their purchased iTunes photos with up to six family members. This new feature also will let relatives more easily share calendars, photos, reminders and the like. Parents can control over their kids purchases.

The keyboard feature called Quick Type will make sending messages quicker by guessing what you want to write before finishing. Android phones provide this feature but apple promises you that Quick Type can include how you text in different message threads.

Apple provides a new feature of storage of all your photos and videos in the cloud with access to them from any device. The iCloud Photo Library also will include a "smart" editing feature that user can adjust multiple effect at the same time.

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