Monday, June 30, 2014

Hobby Lobby employees fought on birth control coverage

Supreme Court wrote in a statement, issued on Monday in favor of Hobby Lobby. Hobby Lobby a for-profit corporation that runs a chain of craft stores and wanted an exemption in an Affordable Care Act of contraceptives.

In general, the owners were not willing to pay for coverage for certain contraceptives. It is not the fact that Hobby Lobby does provides all the birth control marks, it occurred in first time that High Court has said some businesses can hold religious views under federal law, in cases where there is essentially no difference between the business and its owners.  

Supreme Court post for Hobby Lobby employees: women who currently work with hobby lobby and had also done, have right to coverage full insurance for most types of birth control like tubal ligation, birth control pills, condoms, diaphragms and contraception delivered via a patch or ring inserted into the cervix. 

David Green started his expanded company in 1972 with a new name Hobby Lobby. Green was the CEO of the company and his son Steve was its president. Green said we do not open any store on Sunday because "in order to allow our employees and customers more time for worship and family".

The Green family had argued the federal health law required a choice between violating God's law or the nation's laws.

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