Sunday, June 29, 2014

Auburn star Philip Lutzenkirchen died in car accident

Former star Auburn tight end Philip Lutzenkirchen has died in car accident early Sunday morning, a member of the Tigers' historic 2010 national championship team. The staff at 247Sports first reported Lutzenkirchen's passing news after that by the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer. 

He was at age 23. It happened when car traveled through a stop sign at an intersection of Upper Big Springs Road and Lower Big Springs Road and entered into a churchyard. The driver missed a stop sign which is a T-intersection. They were out of control for about 450 feet. After that the car flipped out and injured three or four passengers. 

Lutzenkirchen was not wearing his seatbelt at the time of accident; Joseph Davis who was driving the car has also died. The two other passengers, 22-year-old Elizabeth Ann Seaton Craig and 20-year-old Christian Tanner Case, has taken for their best treatment in West Georgia Medical Center in LaGrange, Georgia, according to the police.

Gene Chizik -- Lutzenkirchen's former coach said; my deepest sympathy with his parents and his family. We should honoring his life because, in his 23 short years, he has certainly left an impactful legacy to everyone he touched. I will miss him deeply." 

He made a record for a career-long 39-yard catch in 2010 against Alabama and he selected a second-team All-SEC by the coaches and media after a seven-touchdown campaign in 2011.

The police could not find out the reasons of accident, they still investigating about the causes of crash.

Philip Lutzenkirchen left an important impact on so many people.  

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