Friday, June 27, 2014

NBA selects Isaiah Austin in Draft

NBA draft gave a very special honor to Baylor player Isaiah Austin to select him for playing, whose career ended with genetic disorder Marfan syndrome. He selected between 15th and 16th picks of NBA.  

Just a week ago the news revealed that he was diagnosed with Marfan syndrome during his genetic testing for NBA draft. This shows he couldn’t continue playing basketball with syndrome but Commissioner Adam Silver announced at that point that the NBA would let Isaiah Austin fulfill the dream of every young player, making him a ceremonial pick.  

Austin said for Commissioner Adam Silver, it was tremendous blessing for me.  It was very tough week for me and me really thankful to all who blessed me at every point. I just had a large amount of support from all around the world; I can’t thanks to everyone enough.

"I have a whole life ahead of me," Austin said. He had multiple operations for detached right eye retina but it could not repair. He said Baylor coach Scott Drew has offered him to coaching position with the Bears. 

Happy Isaiah Austin was able to hear his name called at the NBA draft. He was feeling very cool to see.  

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