Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Eric Cantor losses primary: A stunning upset

The first House Majority Leader Eric Cantor has defeated by a Tea Party challenger David Brat on Tuesday night. Eric Cantor has lost the Republican primary in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District to a college professor, David Brat and Cantor became a second-ranking Republican in the House of Representatives. Brat spent little money in the race while Cantor spent over a million dollars.

The political media spent over a days to find out what happened in a shock primary election result. On Tuesday night it turns out to be the biggest upset of the year.

Eric cantor won the general election more than 220000 votes in 2012, but now Brat beat him with 36,000 votes approximately. His defeat by Brat has spread shockwaves all over the party members that makes difficult to face out 2014 primary election season.

The House majority position has been invented since 1899 and No sitting majority leader has lost a primary renomination. 

Cantor had known, near about in final weeks that he was in trouble and he spent lot of money on negative advertising against a little-known opponent.

Still, the shocking result gives the Democratic Party a boost. Now, suddenly, Clinton has been knocked off the front pages. The focus is squarely backed on the Republicans, and their internal tribulations.

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