Saturday, June 21, 2014

Think like a man 2 reveals at no.1

In 2012 “think like a man” has a smash hit on theaters, now the sequel “think like a man 2” has arrived for break out records in theaters.  

The movie was really enjoyable in 2012 because it was based on a “blithely sexist” book. It was “serving up patriarchy with a smile”. The movie hit the theaters from today to come in at no.1 and it is expecting it will earn three-day around $31M to $33M followed by and its holdover 22 Jump Street.

In this movie high range of school kids get a chance behave badly in Las Vegas. It follows the same characters from the 2012 movie in which the couples land in Vegas for the wedding of Candace and Michael.

The men and women launch bachelorette parties, but problems occur in both internal and external. In movie there is much use of S word, B-word, plus crude sexual slang that makes the film iffy for middle-school kids. 

It is a good time for Sony pictures entertainment. The characters aren’t exactly dramatic ground-breakers, but at least they’re being themselves.

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