Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sia Furler discussed her life in Howard Stern interview

In an interview on radio program with The Howard Stern Show, Sia told about her bipolar disorder is the result of smoking too much marijuana as a child. She told her brain was not fully developed while she started drug at age 13.

She discussed her childhood relationship with her father, who was dual personality and was jealous of her success. He is an incredible guitarist with very two unique personalities, one was called Phil and other was called Stan. “Phil was best dad forever, he was fun but he was eloquent but when Stan came around stuff got scary.”  

Sia smoked as a teenager, she had habitual for smoke at the age of 13.she said I don’t blame anything on my parents. I think it fucked my brain up, I smoked too much pot when I was just kid. 

Sia was famous on her track Breathe Me which is used in HBO series Six Feet Under. She makes music just for her fans and is working on some labels made up to donate.

Sia spend money on her loved one friends in which Demi Moore also involved, who proceeded to “mama bear” in Mexico and help her feel better. 

“I didn’t know who I was until three-and-a-half years ago,” she confessed. Sia’s new album 1000 Forms of Fear is due for release in Australia on 4th July.

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