Saturday, May 10, 2008

Abram Elam

Abram Elam's older brother, Donald Elam, was shot and killed in Riviera Beach, Florida. He was shot in lower back. This is third family member dying by shot. Abram Elam's other brother was shot dead in 1987 and her sister in 1999.

The beach where this incident took place has very high crime rate. I am wondering what is happening in this area. Third member of the family is killed, this is really weird.People are killed like this and the police is doing. I was not expecting this happening in USA.

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Anonymous said...

Hold strong my friend, I've seen you endure unimaginable pain throughtout our friendship, but yet always continued to walk with your head held high and your dreams in sight.

This is another test, your blessing is near. See you at the top! Love, E