Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Japanese konnyaku jelly is made by mixing konnyaku flour with water and limewater. It is then made into thin pasta or spaghetti type jelly noodles.
Konnyaku is very popular because it's low in calories and high in fiber. Konnyaku is a food which has been enjoyed by Japanese for centuries, and is recently eaten as jelly or instant soup

Konnyaku is made from Konjac also known as devil's tongue is a plant native to eastern Asia, from Japan and China south to Indonesia.

A few of the various types of Konnyakus available in the asian markets are 1.Thread-shaped Konnyaku, the White ones are called SIRATAKI and the Black colored ones are specially made for SUKIYAKI.
2., Ita Konnyaku, which is the high-class Konnyaku made from carefully selected crude Konnayaku potato and is the most popular type of Konnyaku. You can use it in various ways of cooking. 3.Sashimi Konnyaku which is the konnyaku of the raw fish style. you can buy Konnyaku online.

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