Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fusion Man

Fusion man: bird or plane or glider - none- Its Fusion Man! Yes a new superhero! Only Fusion man's powers are more scientifically proven and understandable that what goes on with batman or superman or spiderman.

Yves Rossy,48, known as Switzerland’s "Fusion Man became the first man in the world to fly with wings and four jet engines strapped to his body in November 2006

Rossy jumped out with 8 feet wings, of the Pilatus Porter aircraft at 7,500 feet.

Rossy then switched on four jet turbines and accelerated to 186 miles per hour, about 65 miles per hour faster than the typical falling skydiver.

On May 14, Fusion Man, Yves Rossi, took his first public flight with his self-made flying wings in front of the world press after five years of training.

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