Saturday, May 17, 2008

Beliy Plaschik

Beliy Plaschik is back. This time TATU teenagers will show more than expected. Five years back russian TATU lesbians made to the top of the UK charts. Beliy Plaschik looks more sexy this time.

The video for their latest single goes far further than any of their lipstick lesbian antics, and features them seductively stripping off her underwear and in the shower. In one scene in Beliy Plaschik, Lena Katina lies totally naked on a bed, save for a studded punk bracelet on her wrist.

The band were formed in 1999 by a Moscow mogul but it wasn't until 2003 Lena and Yulia, now 23, hit on the formula that won them international fame and took them to the top of the UK charts with All The Things She Said.

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