Monday, May 19, 2008

Troy Duffy again!

Troy Duffy is the unfortunate American director, screenwriter and musician who became a known personality in Hollywood after starting and effectively ending his career as both a film maker and musician over a period of, give or take, 3 years.

Duffy's infamy was ensured in the documentary Overnight. Troy duffy's story is also featured in an episode of E!'s Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

Through word of mouth, The Boondock Saints DVD grossed over $6,000,000 in sales but Duffy received nothing because of the contract structure that he signed with the distribution company.

After all that he went through,Troy Duffy does believe in self.

Troy Duffy is surely a very brave man. After the sloppy and half-baked, pulp fictionish, Boondock Saints (1999 release), Troy duffy wants to do a sequel. Sorry, Duffy is doing a sequel of the Boondock Saints.

We wish Troy Duffy all the best because somewhere down the line, in the name of the human spirit and courage we all want to believe that losers can be winners too!

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