Sunday, November 2, 2014

Daredevil Nik Wallenda tightrope walks between Chicago Skyscrapers

Daredevil “Nik Wallenda” has successfully completed two walks between two skyscrapers at Marina city without a net or safety on Sunday night.  

All Fans gathered at Marina’ city tower to watch the Nik at around 6 pm, how he crossed the skyscrapers on a 19-degree incline for the first stage of a walk and wearing a blindfold on a second stage.   
"I feel incredible. So thankful, obviously, that I made it across safely," Wallenda said at a press conference after the challenge. "Hopefully more people around the world are inspired, that if they work hard enough, they will achieve their goals." 

Wallenda took 6 minute and a half to walk the wire at 19 degree angle from the Marina city west tower to the other side of the river with wearing a red jacket. 

“I love Chicago and Chicago definitely loves me,” said Wallenda as he walked the wire, with the crowd of thousands below him screaming in support. “What an amazing roar!”

The Disney Channel broadcast Wallenda’s walk live, the Channel could cut off the live walk if something went wrong. 

Wallenda used only a pole for the balance; he has made nine Guinness World Records. He started his training to walk on a wire when he was just 2 year old and completed his first wire walk.  

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