Saturday, November 29, 2014

Violence at Victoria Secret on Black Friday

Black Friday showed an embarrassing violence in the “Victoria’s Secret” store and it all recorded in the video. The video posted on You Tube and viewed nearly 100,000. The video does not identify the exact location of the Victoria Secret store.   

In the video two women are doing fight each other, the one woman who wearing black and green clothes and the other wearing a white long-sleeve shirt attack another woman before mayhem breaks out across the store.  

The woman was knocked to the floor and it appears the other woman in the white shirt kicked her while she was on the ground before other shoppers and staff intervened to separate the two women.

Sometimes later, the black and green clothes woman attacked to the male shopper wearing a red flannel, placing him in what appears to be a wrestling hold on the ground. 

Victoria Secret is the best seller of lingerie, women wear, and beauty products through its catalogs, website, and its U.S. stores.

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