Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Violence in Ferguson about Michael Brown killing

Tensions occurred in the US town of Ferguson last night that ravaged the city one day ego. The protesters began looting at the stores and set to fire at the cop car outside the Ferguson City Hall. 

The protesters sparked rioting after the grand jury has decided that the white police officer, Darren Wilson not to bring any charge against Michael Brown shooting in August 9. 

St Louis County police chief Jon Belmar said rioters had fired 150 shots. 

African-American community had already decided Mr. Wilson to be charged with murder but the jury of nine white and three black members made no recommendations on police officer.

The white officer who killed Mr Brown has said he has a "clean conscience".

President Barack Obama joined the teenager's family on Monday in appealing for calm, urging Americans to accept the decision was "the grand jury's to make''. 

The St. Louis county police said that they arrested two Oklahoma residents for unlawful assembly. To protect the residents and property in the Missouri City more than 1500 National Guard troops joined the 700 Guardsmen to help the local law enforcement. 

On Tuesday night, West Florissant remained closed to the public.       

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