Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Cam Newton: suffered two fractures in car accident

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton had a car crash Tuesday afternoon on a bridge near a highway. The tests revealed that Newton suffered from two back fractures.

Newton was involved in a two car collision and he and driver of other car were injuring in an accident, confirmed by the Charlotte-Mechlenburg Police Department.

"Further testing revealed that Cam Newton has two transverse process fractures in his lower back and no further internal injuries," the Panthers said in a statement Tuesday afternoon. 

Cam has two fractured in a lower back and remained in a hospital overnight for observation. Now Cam is in well condition but he could not return to the field immediately because such fractured were painful. 

The accident took place approximately at 12:30 pm ET, when Newton was transporting to the hospital he was conscious but this time he is in a good condition. 

The former Heisman Trophy winner was the first draft pick when he joined the NFL in 2011.  

It is expecting that he will release from the hospital on Wednesday after scheduled tests.

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