Monday, December 8, 2014

Fire destroyed building in Los Angles, closed traffic on two freeways

A massive fire in building that was under construction at downtown Los Angeles blazed the flames today that closed the traffic on Monday morning and left some freeway lanes into the day. 

More than 250 firefighters was working to handle the fire which began around 1:20 am at a block-long building site but after that 350 firefighters fought the blazes, according to the Los Angeles Fire Chief Ralph Terrazas. 

It was reported that there is no any injuries because of that the building was under construction. The seven story complex enclosed in flames that could be seen for a miles. 

“It looked like a bomb had just exploded,” LA fire captain Rick Godinez told the LA Times

One fire station reached at building directly from the street and the fire fighters immediately began to work on control the fire but at that time the fire had moved throughout the building. The reason behind this the building was under construction, according to The Los Angeles Times. 

“It was the perfect storm, if you will, for fire spread,” Ortiz said in a phone interview. “There were no dividing firewalls between the different components of it.” 

The construction building was in 1.3 million square feet residential area. The cause of fire not cleared till now, on that day US Route 101 and Interstate 110 were shut down while fired building fell into lanes.            

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