Monday, December 8, 2014

Eaten Alive: Paul Rosalie snake discovery

Paul Rosalie a guy did his attempt on Anacondas for the “Eaten Alive” Sunday night special episode on Discovery channel. To see the footage in the episode all viewers were saying how can a guy do this attempt?

"The Amazon is the greatest natural battlefield on Earth. Everything, from the biggest tree to the smallest ant, is going to be eaten," Rosolie says near the beginning of the two-hour special. 

The 27 year old Rosalie and his ten strong team members tracked the 20ft anaconda in the Amazon River. After wearing a black armored suit Mr. Rosalie moved on all fours with slathered in pig’s blood toward the enormous beast. The camera rolled on Rosalie, his wife and other team members watched him continuously.   
After a second the world’s most fearsome creature a female anaconda pounced on its 5ft 9in victim. The anaconda latching on his head and grip over his arms. Then Mr. Rosalie ordered to his team members to save him. The anaconda scratched his arms and part of his head was consumed. 

The ten strong team members saved the life of Rosalie before the anaconda pounce him and eat him. 

After broadcast the show on Disney all viewers went to social networking site to show their disappointment.
Twitter user Josh Harris, from Boston, wrote: 'They should rename #EatenAlive alive to look for snakes for 1.5 hours and then try to be eaten alive but only get a scratch on my arm.'

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