Thursday, December 4, 2014

NASA tries to launch Orion “Mars Ship”

NASA scheduled first test flight of the US agency Orion to launch a new exploration capsule on Thursday morning, but the weather conditions were worse and to launch a United Launch Alliance Delta IV Heavy rocket rescheduled on Friday. 

The team planned to launch on Friday but the launch was same as on Thursday, with the aim as ever to try to get away right at the start of the window on rescheduled time at 7:05 am ET. 

“We'll go make sure we've got a happy rocket and as soon as we do that we're going to get back to the pad and send Orion off to a very, very successful test flight," said Dan Collins from the Delta's operating company, United Launch Alliance. 

NASA spent two and half hour on launch due to many obstacles and first delay involved a boat that came too close to the launched area after that more delays came because of wind guests. 

“We haven't had this feeling in awhile, since the end of the shuttle program," Mike Sarafin, Orion flight director at Johnson Space Center, said in a preflight briefing on Wednesday.   

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