Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Google Drive converted Microsoft Office attachments directly from Gmail

Now Google users have got a new feature to edit Microsoft office documents which receive as email attachments. Google announced today a new Gmail edition that Google Drive Edit icon can easily converted the office files into Gmail docs, sheets or slides. 

Google stated by introducing a new edition you can converted Microsoft Office documents into a Google Drive that "the additional benefits of a single document to keep track of, access from anywhere (even offline!), and revision history". 

Google also announced for those people who do not want to convert their office files into Google Drive then they can easily go with installing a Chrome extension. Google has gained support for importing 15 new office formats. Here is the list: 

Dot, dotx, dotm*, docm* conversions to Google Docs
xlt, xltx, xltm*, xlsm* conversions to Google Sheets
Pot, potx, potm*, pptm*, pps, ppsx, ppsm* conversions to Google Slides

Google Stated: “Once it's in place, you'll have the option to convert the file by clicking on the pencil icon, or edit the file as is by clicking on the attachment card and selecting open from the top of the file preview."  

Google has also promised to improve charts, images and table support for these files.

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