Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Social Media celebrity Dan Bilzerian arrested at LAX

Instagram celebrity “Dan Bilzerian” was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport Tuesday night, according to the police. An arrest warrant was issued in Clark County, Nevada.

Bilzerian arrested with the charge of possessive explosive or incendiary devices with the intent to manufacture it.  A criminal filed a complaint against him on November 13. On November 4 Bilzerian illegally possessed “ammonium and/or cooler and/or aluminum powder” and “ammonium nitrate mix.”

An arrest warrant had issued last month but it kept confidential because the cops were continuing to investigate and did not want to make it public. 

Bilzerian was being held without jail. He was released on Wednesday at 1:16 pm after the charges were dropped, according to an official at the Los Angeles County jail’s inmate reception area. 

The 34 year Bilzerian called the “King of Instagram” by posting his lavish playboy style on Instagram. Wall Street Journal called him “social-media celebrity” in a profile piece earlier this year. The account has more than 5.7 million followers till date.      

Recently Bilzerian kicked a woman on face at a Miami Beach nightclub. He kicked her with a military boots and the bleeding began in the face or eye of the woman. According to Bilzerian’s people that woman wanted to help another woman on stage but Castano was blocking him.  

Bilzerian is also known as a high-stakes poker player, and has estimated earning some $50 million in winnings in a 12-to-14 month stretch recently, the Wall Street Journal reported.

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