Monday, December 15, 2014

Sydney siege over: two hostages killed and four injured

The Sydney siege over after 16 hours, gunman has killed but two hostages killed and four injured. Almost forty people had made hostages by attackers but the motive of siege did not clear and police is investigating till now. 

An armed man has taken an unknown number of hostages at Lindt chocolate café on Monday morning during a huge rush. The police did not meditate the actual cause of the siege and were treating the act of terrorism. 

Five people ran away from the café while the two women holding a flag near the window with an Islamic declaration of faith that has often been used by extremists, raising fears that a terrorist incident was playing out in the heart of Australia's biggest city. 

Two women ran out the fire exist in the arms of police that was surrounding the cafe, the women was wearing an apron with cafe logo those indicate they were cafe employees.  

Prime Minister Tony Abbott, at a briefing in Canberra, the capital, referred to the suspect as “an armed person claiming political motivation.”

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