Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Voice Actress Christine Cavanaugh died at 51

The voice actress Christine Cavanaugh has died who gave her distinctive voice to many cartoon characters such as a title pig in “Bebe” Chuckie Finster on "Rugrats" and Dexter of "Dexter's Laboratory." She was at the age of 51.

Christine’s sister Deionn Masock confirmed her death that she was died on December 22 at her native Utah. The death was reported with an obituary notice published in Tuesday’s Los Angeles Times. Masock said the cause of death was not known yet. 

Christine has a distinctive voice who lent her voice to different cartoon characters in 1990s. Christine acting career started in 1988 and she gain fame after giving her amazing talent to Goslyn Duck from Dark Wing Duck to life”.   

She retired from the cartoon characters in 2001 and moved back to her native Utah. 

Her family wrote in the Los Angeles Times notice “in each role there was a part of her showing through that the ones who truly knew her could see”. 

Cavanaugh also provided voice-acting for the shows "Aaahh!! Real Monsters,""The Critic," "The Wild Thornberrys," "The Power puff Girls" and "Dexter's Laboratory."  

A ceremony was held on Antelope Island in Utah's Great Salt Lake in the memory of Christine.

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