Wednesday, December 3, 2014

“The Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan death news a Hoax

Cesar Millan, a popular 'dog whisperer' has died on Tuesday morning due to heart attack, published by a website. This news is nothing but a lie. 

The death Hoax report published on fake website was sparked by his fans on social media and thousands of his fans shared it on Facebook and Twitter. The death of dog trainer has now gone a viral. The rumor of Cesar death came after being the dog trainer hospitalized on Tuesday.  

The fake death report stated:  The 45 year old Mexican/American, born in De la Cruz, Sinaloa, who made a name for himself with his incredible rehabilitation and training technics wit dogs, he died this morning in Santa Clarita hospital in California. An excerpt from his obituary, that has gone viral, claims "he suffered a fulminate heart attack." The heart attack allegedly caused complications to his brain due to insufficient blood flow and ultimately caused other vital organs to collapse.

The death hoax continues with a press conference allegedly held by his wife, Jahira Dar, to confirm the 45-year old's demise. Dar supposedly asked for some privacy following Caesar Millan's passing. "I hope you can understand my loss, and I would appreciate if you can give us our space for our mourning," Dar have supposedly said. 

Cesar Millan is best known for his shoe “The Dog Whisperer” which was broadcast in 80 countries worldwide from 2004 to 2012. Millan wrote three books "Cesar's way" "Be the pack leader" and "Member of the family."

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