Monday, December 1, 2014

Paul Walker: paid tribute on his death anniversary

It has been a one year since “fast and Furious" star Paul Walker in a tragic car accident November 30, 2013. Paul walker took to social media on Sunday, who died exactly one year ago.  

All friends, co-stars and family members paid tribute on his first death anniversary and shared his memories. The actor died in a car accident in Los angles.   

“I am so lucky to have had him as a big brother,” Walker’s younger brother Cody, 26, told the New York Daily News via email Wednesday. He lived in Oregon but at the tragic time of his brother.   

Walker’s father, Paul Walker III, told Entertainment Tonight that “I’m missing him more now, the last month. It’s not getting any better for me.” “It’s a sad time. We’re a very close, loving family, and Paul is a piece that’s missing now, that we’re always going to miss.”

Walker was survived by teenage daughter, Meadow, his parents, his two sisters and his two brothers.
"A year ago today... a year of mourning... and his absence still leaves me speechless," co-star Vin Diesel said on Facebook.

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